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Myth busting on your new-build home

Published: 10/12/2018

Have you recently moved into one of the council’s new build properties? If the answer is yes, congratulations on your new home!

While you have been settling in, there have been some rumours circulating about what can and can’t be done in the properties, and we’d like to clarify a few things. Here are the top myths that we have heard so far:

At Ingleby Crescent, we have a contract with BT to supply internet to our tenants.

While BT has installed the cabling for high speed fibre optic broadband, it is the tenant’s responsibility to start a contract for phone/internet with your chosen provider. Once you have set up a contract and received a router to plug in at the property, your provider should activate the line and provide you with a live internet connection. 

At Allenby Close, you can only have an under counter fridge freezer.

The kitchen has been designed with a removable worktop section to accommodate both an under counter and tall fridge freezer. However, if the worktop section is removed, you will need to install a metal strip around the edge of the neighbouring worktops in order to protect them.

At Allenby Close, you can install Sky dishes.

Sadly, you cannot. Due to the way timber frame buildings are built, there is membrane in between the timber and the external brick. If a Sky dish is fitted to the external wall, the cabling will perforate this membrane which can cause water to get through and potentially cause damp in the property. We are aware that neighbouring properties on the site are using Sky dishes, but unfortunately, this is out of our control as these properties are in private ownership.

You are not allowed to put pictures on the wall.

You are able to hang pictures on the wall using small picture hooks or small nails. We have advised against hanging televisions or heavy shelving units on the wall due to their weight, and the plasterboard potentially not being able to hold the item, meaning it may fall off.

In the first 12 months, you are allowed to wallpaper the walls, just not paint them.

We have advised all tenants not to decorate in the first 12 months due to the ‘defect period’. When a property is first built, the plaster needs a period of time to settle and dry out, which can cause shrinkage cracks to appear in the walls and ceilings. At the end of the 12 month ‘defect period’, the contractor will come back to fill in any cracks, but they will not be able to work on any walls which have been decorated either by paint or wallpaper by the tenant.

The grass is contaminated with mushrooms.

When we harvest turf in our fields, some of the roots will be cut and damaged during the harvesting process. When the turf is laid in your garden, most of the roots will bed into the new soil and start growing. Some of the damaged roots, however, will start to die off. The damaged roots which do not bed into the new soil are then decomposed by microscopic bacteria and fungi, leading to toadstools appearing at the surface. This can be particularly common when laying turf in the summer months, as the warm weather and moist conditions from watering give the toadstools the perfect conditions to thrive. However, these toadstools will not have any damaging or long-lasting effects on your new lawn and will often disappear after the first cut.

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