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National Apprenticeship Week - Steven John

Steven John

How long have you been working at the Council and what are you studying?
I’ve been here six months, and I’m doing an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration.

Where did you find your apprenticeship?
I found this apprenticeship through the government apprenticeship website.

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?
I wanted to work to gain a qualification and also improve the skills I already possess, whilst being paid.

What has been your biggest highlight at the Council?
The biggest highlight was working at the Christmas market, it was good to see council working life from another aspect.

What skills have you developed as a result of doing your apprenticeship?
I have developed stronger confidence, a better understanding of the skills necessary in the career path I have chosen and also a better understanding of the working and office environment.

Would you recommend the Council’s apprenticeship scheme to others? If so, why?
I would. The Work Based Learning team are helpful and supportive. The team I am completing my placement in are also very supportive and have made working in the council a very pleasant and interesting experience.

How does an apprenticeship differ from other forms of education, such as college and sixth form?
An apprenticeship is a lot more “you” focused than college. I feel the tutors are more involved and care more about what you are doing and value your learning and improvement more than college does.

Would you ever consider doing a higher/degree level apprenticeship?
My short term goals regarding my career and learning are to progress onto a level 3, 4 and 5 course in business. I would much prefer to do this through an apprenticeship however I am considering eventually doing a part time course at university in my long term plans.

Any words of wisdom?
If you’re applying for an apprenticeship, whether it is at the council or with another service, be honest with yourself and others about what you want from your time as an apprentice. Work hard and don’t be afraid of the office banter. Most importantly enjoy yourself!

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