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National Recycle Week

Published: 17/06/2015
Bin men

Want to know what you can put in your bin? View a list of items and which bin you should place them in.

National Recycle Week runs from 22 June 2015 - 28 June 2015 and City of Lincoln Council is urging residents not to leave sharp objects in their household recycling bins or bags.

Sharp objects, including needles, syringes and other medical paraphernalia, in recycling bags are a danger to those who collect and sort recycling materials.

Caroline Bird, Community Services Manager at the city council, said: “Unfortunately we often find items in recycling bins that shouldn’t be there.

“Depending on what it is this can contaminate some of the ‘good’ material in there, and spoil the efforts of those who want to recycle. At worst, in the case of needles and other sharp items, this can be a very big risk to the health and safety of those sorting the materials.

“We are grateful that residents want to recycle as much of their household waste as possible, and National Recycle Week is a perfect opportunity to remind people about what they can and can’t put in their recycling bins or boxes.”

If you have extra recycling the council will collect it alongside your regular brown bin collection if it is presented in a cardboard box or clear bag - no black bags please.

For safety, needles need to be contained within yellow sharps containers.

For advice on how to dispose of such materials contact the council on 01522 873423.

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