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New traffic barriers to be installed at Hartsholme Country Park

Published: 17/03/2016
Walking - Hartsholme Country Park

The entrance to Hartsholme Country Park is set to be installed with new traffic barriers in order to increase overnight security at the park. 

Traffic barriers will be installed to prevent unauthorised vehicles gaining access to the park during the night. The park has recently experienced incidents of anti-social behaviour involving vehicles that have gained access to Hartsholme’s car park during the late evening and night-time.  

Work on the barriers will take place on Thursday and Friday this week (March 17 2016 and March 18 2016). 

During this time, Hartsholme’s car park will be closed to visitors while the work takes place. Visitors are requested to instead use the car park across the road from Hartsholme at Skellingthorpe Road Recreation Ground. 

Dave Charysz, the city council’s Open Spaces Officer, said: 

“These new traffic barriers are of vital importance to security at Hartsholme Country Park. Installing them will unfortunately lead to some inconvenience for the park’s visitors in the short term. 

“However, alternative parking arrangements are available, and we are confident that the car park will be open again in time for the weekend.” 

The newly-installed barriers will be open during the day and closed during the night. 

Works will include a rising barrier to the inbound carriageway with keypad access when the barrier is closed at night. The outbound traffic will be controlled by one way road plates, allowing traffic out but not in by the same route. 

Once the barriers are in place, cars and pedestrians will still have access to the park during the regular opening hours. These are typically 6am – 8pm during the winter months, and 6am – 10pm during the summer months. 

City of Lincoln Council wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused while these works take place. 

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