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Setting the standard for landlords in Lincoln


Today marks the start of a new era for private landlords and tenants in Lincoln as we launch the city council’s Trusted Landlord Scheme.

The scheme will provide advice and support to landlords, helping them to provide good quality, well managed private rented accommodation.

It will also help tenants by giving them piece of mind so that they can choose high quality accommodation from a trustworthy landlord, knowing that it has the City of Lincoln Council stamp of approval.

Hannah Cann, Housing Standards and Enforcement Officer said:  “Last year, the council had a big crackdown on rogue landlords which proved to be a great success.

“We’ve followed this up by launching the Trusted Landlord Scheme, which will set the standard in Lincoln for landlords and tenants.

“Tenants will now be able to rent with confidence, and landlords will have a clearer picture of the standards expected from them and their properties.”

The scheme is open to private landlords that are members of an existing accreditation scheme. If they meet the standards of that accreditation, they can join the Trusted Landlord Scheme.

As part of the scheme the landlord will declare all of the properties that they own within the city to the Trusted Landlord Scheme.

A sample of these properties will be inspected to check that they meet current standards and the code of practice of their accreditation scheme, and that documents like gas safety checks are up to date.

Members of the Trusted Landlord Scheme will benefit from a streamlined licensing process for houses of multiple occupation, will be given the opportunity to deal with disrepair complaints before the council investigates, and will have exemption from proactive inspection programmes.

To find out more about the Trusted Landlord Scheme visit www.lincoln.gov.uk/trustedlandlord.

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