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Fact and Fiction: The City Council's Responsibilities

Published: 07/03/2018
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City of Lincoln Council is responsible for all services inside the city boundaries, such as roads, street lighting, potholes, healthcare and transport.

While it would seem sensible that City of Lincoln Council would be responsible for everything in its area, this is not the case.  There are several public bodies operating in Lincoln including the city council, Lincolnshire County Council, Network Rail, Lincolnshire Police and the NHS.

Lincolnshire County Council are the Highways Authority for the county, so they are responsible for street lighting, potholes, pavements, traffic lights and roads. Network Rail are responsible for the footbridges over railway lines in the city. Lincolnshire NHS are responsible for Lincoln County Hospital and Walk-In Centres.

City of Lincoln Council does work closely with partners in the city, but complaints directed at the council meant for one of these other bodies cannot always be passed on and we advise that the complaints should be addressed to the authority responsible.