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Private Sector Housing Condition Survey

All Local Authorities have a duty to hold up to date detailed data on the condition of all of the private sector housing in their area. In most areas this is in the form of a Private Sector Stock Condition Survey for all private sector stock. The detailed picture developed through the survey provides the basis for the strategies, policies and investment decisions made by the council with regard to private sector housing.

The Private Sector House Condition Survey looks only at owner occupied and private rented dwellings.

The table below shows the key findings of the survey:

CharacteristicOwner occupiedPrivately rentedAll private sector stockEngland
Dwellings Per cent of stock123,400 56.8 per cent8,580 20.8 per cent32,020 77.6 per cent 
Households in Fuel Poverty Rate4,700 20.2 per cent3,600 41.2 per cent8,300 25.9 per cent16.0 per cent
Households in receipt of benefit Rate53,100 27.5 per cent5,100 36.9 per cent9,200 30.0 per cent17.0 per cent
Mean SAP453505249
Non decent dwellings2 Rate7,700 32.9 per cent3,700 42.9 per cent11,400 35.6 per cent36.3 per cent
Residents over 60 Rate59,300 41.6 per cent1,400 17.2 per cent10,700 35.1 per cent35.9 per cent
Serious hazard dwellings Rate4,700 20.2 per cent2,200 25.5 per cent6,900 21.6 per cent23.5 per cent
Vulnerable households in decent homes3 Rate4,000 64.7 per cent1,500 50.5 per cent5,500 60.0 per cent57.3 per cent
  1. Percentages given as a proportion of total housing stock, the remaining 22.4 per cent is all social housing, which was not surveyed as part of this study
  2.  Non decent dwellings fail the Government Decent Homes Standard which aims to ensure homes are warm, safe, in good condition and have reasonably modern facilities
  3. Refers to households in receipt of an income or disability benefit, as defined under former Public Service Agreement 7 objectives
  4. SAP is the government’s Standard Assessment Procedure for rating energy efficiency on a scale of 1 (poor) to 100 (excellent)
  5.   As a percentage of occupied dwellings, not all dwellings
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