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City of Lincoln Council Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

This information is ARCHIVED please see www.lincoln.gov.uk/CIL for up to date information on Lincoln's CIL

January 2018 implementation of Community Infrastructure Levy

We will implement the Community Infrastructure Levy on 5th February 2018.

All CIL liable development granted planning permission on or after this date will pay the rates set out in the CIL Charging Schedule (CITY 001).

Further information about CIL collection procedures will be added to the website in early January 2018.

Since April 2010 we have had the ability to implement a Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).    

A CIL allows us to raise funds for infrastructure that is needed as a result of development, such as transport and education provisions for example.    

Developers who are building projects within the area contribute towards funding the infrastructure requirements.  

A consultation was held regarding the City of Lincoln Council Draft Charging Schedule (DCS) form 19th May to 16th June 2016. The consultation is now closed but  you can find the archived information on the CIL Consultation Archive Page if you require.  

Submission of the CIL for Examination

We submitted our proposals for introducing a CIL in the City of Lincoln boundary to the Planning Inspectorate on 15th July 2016 following approval by the council to progress CIL to examination at its meeting on 28th April 2016.

The submission detail is set out in the Notice of Submission document below.

City of Lincoln’s CIL Draft Charging Schedule submission comprises a range of documents:  

City of Lincoln Council, North Kesteven District Council and West Lindsey District Council have been working together to implement separate CIL schedules. Lincolnshire County Council and Central Lincolnshire Local Plan Team have also supported this process. There are three separate CILs (one for each district), though they are being prepared in parallel and to a common evidence base.

As stated above, the schedules are, in legal terms, separate to each other and to the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.  The relevant documents have been developed in parallel and in many cases to a common evidence base.The schedules have been developed  within the context of the following documents available on the  Central Lincolnshire webpage