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'Legal highs' ban - Public Space Protection Order (PSPO)

Following a consultation with residents the City of Lincoln Council introduced a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) in April 2015.

The PSPO was introduced to help tackle anti-social behaviour and protect the city’s residents, businesses and visitors.

The PSPO prohibits:

  1. Person(s) within the Exclusion Zone will not: ingest, inhale, inject, smoke or otherwise use intoxicating substances.
  2. Intoxicating Substances is given the following definition (which includes alcohol and what are commonly referred to as ‘legal highs’): substances with the capacity to stimulate or depress the central nervous system.
  3. Exemptions shall apply in cases where the substances are used for a valid and demonstrable medicinal use, given to an animal as a medicinal remedy, are cigarettes (tobacco) or vaporisers or are food stuffs regulated by Food, Health and Safety legislation.
  4. Persons within this area who breach this prohibition shall: surrender intoxicating substances in his/her possession to an authorised person.
  5. An authorised person could be; a Police Constable, Police Community Support Officer or Council Officer, and must be able to present their authority upon request.
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