How your Council Tax is spent

2019/20 Council Tax guide

Although we collect Council Tax, we only retain around 16 percent. The remainder is passed on to Lincolnshire County Council and the Police Authority: 

  • 72p from each £1 will go to Lincolnshire County Council 
    To pay for services such as education, social services, waste disposal, libraries and fire and rescue.

  • 13p from each £1 collected will go to Lincolnshire Police
    To pay for the policing services.

  • 15p of every £1 goes to the City of Lincoln Council 
    To pay for services such as refuse collection, markets, recycling, planning, street cleaning, public health, business growth, parks and leisure facilities and pollution control.

We have a set general fund budget requirement of £13.7 million to maintain services and meet priorities in Lincoln.