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The Lincolnshire Energy Switch

Lincoln Climate Commission

Project outline 

In response to the UK and local government’s declaring a climate emergency (including Lincoln City Council in July 2019), public, private and community organisations in the city of Lincoln have commenced work on establishing a Lincoln Climate Commission. The purpose of the Commission will be to provide a strategic forum for setting and championing Great Lincoln’s transition to a zero carbon and climate resilient future by developing partnerships throughout the city and acting as an intermediary between a range of key stakeholders and associated groups in tackling climate change. The Commission will also take a strategic role, and seek to: 
influence climate policy, nationally, regionally and locally; lobby key stakeholders and organisations, locally, regionally and nationally to promote positive environmental changes that enhances social capacity in the community; andact as an intermediary between key stakeholders in the Lincoln area to ensure local action on climate change is equitable and just, involving a diversity of public, private and community groups.

The Commission is now at a stage where it needs to incorporate the views of Greater Lincoln residents and bring in more community groups with respect to future planning for climate change. Therefore, we propose holding a series of events that will lead to developing a citizen assembly for climate change action and policy for Greater Lincoln, which we require resource funding from the local climate action fund.

In a Citizens’ Assembly, members of the public are brought together to consider a public issue and make a recommendation on what policies and actions should be taken on that issue. They do this by listening to evidence, discussing the evidence they hear, and reaching a conclusion together on what steps the administration should take next. The Assembly’s recommendation is then given to decision makers who decide what will happen next.

Member of the Citizens’ Assembly will hear evidence, work with other participants and come up with recommendations. They will have the opportunity to meet with individuals from all walks of life who live and travel regularly within Greater Lincoln/Lincolnshire, have discussions and hear from engaging expert speakers. The recommendations from the Citizens’ Assembly will be presented to the Lincoln Climate Commission in the summer of 2020 and inform the action plan to deliver net zero carbon by 2030 as well as seek ways to incorporate citizens, business and community groups into climate adaptation and resilience plans. We are proposing three sessions over the next 6 months: