Executive to consider changes to public convenience services in Lincoln

Public Toilets at Castle Square

City of Lincoln Council’s Executive will discuss proposals for changes to public convenience services in Lincoln.

This will include the introduction of contactless payments and an update to the Radar Key system.

At Executive on 24 June, members will discuss proposed changes to the council’s service provision to deliver a saving of £82,000, while ensuring an acceptable level of service can still be delivered.

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has had significant impacts on the council’s financial position and whilst the immediate effects in 2020/21 of increased costs and falling income have been largely mitigated, it is the longer-term impact on a number of the council’s key income streams that have resulted in significant level of savings being required. 

In March 2021 the council approved a savings target of £1.75 million to maintain a balanced budget position. 

As part of the necessary budget cuts, plans have been proposed to deliver savings in the public conveniences service that would see all services maintained as they have been pre-covid except: 

  • Sincil Street (ladies) would be replaced with a new improved (modern unisex) facility within the refurbished market
  • Westgate would be retained access for disabled people only, with wider use for events only.
  • Lucy Tower would be used for events only
  • Two urinals in the city would close – on Newport and Union Road, not far from Castle Square toilets

Plans also include the adoption of contactless payments at public toilets to make it easier for people to pay and a commitment to further disability group consultations on the replacement of the Radar key access system with a more modern alternative.

Additionally, the council would still make those toilets available that are proposed for closing, to event organisers, so they can be used for the much higher numbers of the public anticipated to be attending those events.

Cllr Bob Bushell, Portfolio Holder for Remarkable Place at City of Lincoln Council said: “The council’s toilets provision is important to the city. 

“Nationally it is increasingly expected that public toilets are now a charged service, and we are grateful that this now delivers us a contribution towards costs. 

“It is vital that the service develops  a  business-minded approach to mitigate impacts in the future, and despite having to make cuts to how they are run, I will be striving to improve elements of service to ensure that customers  get a good quality of service that represents value for money.

“It is important that this proposal is reflective of both demands now and the changing retail/recreational environment in the city. The proposal therefore seeks to,  offer an affordable and sustainable service in the three core areas of uphill, central Lincoln and lower High Street."

Published on June 16th 2021