City council ‘rewilding’ initiative to introduce more wildflower areas to Lincoln

Rewilding flowers on roundabout

City of Lincoln Council has launched a number of ‘rewilding’ initiatives to support biodiversity and enable the natural environments in the city to thrive in a way that best supports native wildlife.

Initially, specific locations in the city will see changes to the council’s grass cutting regime, which will allow wildflowers to flourish for the summer season, which will then be cut later in the year, with grass removed for composting. 

These locations include: 

  • King Georges field 
  • Woodfield Avenue verges
  • Ropewalk (Tank memorial roundabout) 
  • Doddington Road verge 

Managing the areas in this way is similar to traditional hay meadow management and will encourage further wildflowers to colonise the area.

Further benefits to local biodiversity initiatives are supported by changes the council is making to the management of traditional bedding plant areas. 

Summer bedding plants have been replaced in key locations in favour of native wildflower seeds, with cornfield annuals chosen as these can establish in a variety of settings.  

The flowers will provide the city with a splash of colour and can attract native pollinators in the same way the long grass verges do. 

Local residents can also be involved if they wish and have been helping by monitoring some of the pilot projects within housing areas, including:

  • Nettleham Road roundabout     
  • Burton Road roundabout     
  • Canwick Road Crescent bed 
  • Pottergate Arch bed  
  • Rookery Lane roundabout     
  • Riseholme Road roundabout     
  • Usher Gallery front 
  • Temple Gardens
  • Lincoln Crematorium 
  • Broomhill Housing 
  • Croft Street Housing 

Visitors will also be able to view wildflower garden initiatives at the council’s parks, such as Hartsholme Country Park and Boultham Park, where wildflowers areas have been established for some time.

Community Services, through the Park Rangers and Volunteer Coordinators, also support rewilding initiatives through educational and volunteering activities. 

Cllr Bob Bushell, Portfolio Holder for Remarkable Place and Addressing the Challenge of Climate Change said: “Through our rewilding projects in Lincoln we are starting to think about how we can better support biodiversity and allow nature the best chance to restore itself.

“This is not a cost-cutting exercise for the council, no savings will be made through these initiatives.

“We recognise the importance of biodiversity in the city and are committed to enhancing our natural environment alongside tackling climate change.”

Published on June 23rd 2021