Commonwealth Flag for Peace to be raised in Lincoln to celebrate 10th anniversary of Charter

Lincoln Guildhall

Lincoln will raise a Flag for Peace at Lincoln Guildhall on Monday 13 March to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Commonwealth Charter.

As part of Commonwealth Day 2023 on 13 March, which will be the first presided over by His Majesty King Charles III as Head of the Commonwealth, the raising of the flag at 11am will mark the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Commonwealth Charter which was signed by Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 11 March 2013. 

The Commonwealth Flag for Peace features a white dove of peace in the bottom right-hand corner of the Commonwealth flag, symbolising the shared values and principles of the Commonwealth, including co-operation on economic and social development, diversity, respect, friendship and the promotion of peace around the world. 

Cllr Rosanne Kirk, The Right Worshipful, The Mayor of Lincoln said: "The Commonwealth is a remarkable international organisation spanning every geographical region, culture and religion. Its values stand tall across our family of nations and transcend cultures, borders and generations

“After 70 years it remains a major force for change in the world today. We are proud that Lincoln can join with the other 73 cities of the United Kingdom to mark this special occasion.”

Speaking on the Commonwealth Flag for Peace, Commonwealth Secretary General the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland KC, said: “The Charter of the Commonwealth, signed on 11 March 2013, is a landmark document. It is the definitive expression of the values and aspirations of all Commonwealth countries.

“Assessed against our own history, and against the vast history of human struggle and progress, the Commonwealth is closer to those values than ever before. So while the whole Commonwealth celebrates the tenth anniversary of the signing of our Charter, the Flag for Peace is a fitting way to recognise those values as we endeavour to live up to them.” 

Every city in the UK has received a flag that they can choose to raise following short ceremonies on Commonwealth Day, Monday 13 March. 

Lincoln's ceremony, which will take place outside Lincoln Guildhall will include: 

  • 10.30am: Guests assemble
  • 10.35am: Mayoral party including the Town Crier, Trumpeter and other invited guests, including the Lord-Lieutenant, will form up on the steps of the city or town hall, or another location of choice.
  • 10.40am: Town Crier or other community representative steps forward, rings his or her bell and reads out the Commonwealth Proclamation.
  • 10.45am: Town Crier steps back and the Bugler or Cornet player steps forward and undertakes the Fanfare.
  • 10.50am: On completion of the fanfare, the Bugler/Cornet player steps back.
  • 10.55am: A ‘lone’ Piper steps forward to play Highland Cathedral which was a favourite of The Queen Mother.  On completion of the Piper, the flag is to be given to the council representative responsible for raising it, in readiness for its raising.    All the 74 cities raise their flags together at 11am that morning, uniting the cities of the United Kingdom at one moment in time in this celebration of the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Commonwealth Charter by Her Majesty The Queen as Head of the Commonwealth.
  • 11am: The Commonwealth Flag is raised on the designated council flagpole within the city.

Published on March 10th 2023