Business support and advice

Starting up a Business

Starting up your own business requires dedication, hard work and a profitable idea or business plan to be successful.

There are various things you need to think about including:

  • Business premises - where are you going to operate your business from?
  • Tax and legal formalities - what sort of business are you running, you will need to register with HM Revenue and Customs and possibly Companies House if you intend on being a limited company
  • Finding customers - how are you going to reach out to your customer base? Advertising? Word of mouth?
  • Competitors and market research - have you looked at the market in your area, is there a need for your product or service? What can you do better than your competitors?
  • Business and financial plan - have you written a business and/or financial plan so you can manage your time and money?
  • Do you need a specific licence to run your business? For example do you need a personal or premises licence for a business selling alcohol?

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