Emergencies and business continuity

Emergencies within local and national areas

In the case of an emergency within the local or national areas there are various strategies and plans in place to help both residents and business prepare, endure and recover. 

Business Continuity

Local authorities must have adequate measures in place to maintain essential services and subsequently recover from the effects of significant disruption to normal working. This process of increasing the organisation’s resilience is known as Business Continuity Management (BCM).

BCM is a management led process that helps identify and prepare for potential disruptions to the smooth running of the organisation. The short-term objective of BCM is to ensure that during disruption at least critical services may continue uninterrupted. The longer-term objective of BCM is to ensure that the organisation can prevent, as well as possible, disruptions from occurring and in the event that they do, resume normal services as quickly as possible in the aftermath of any disruption/ emergency event.

For further information on business continuity and how you can use it to protect your business, you can visit the business continuity planning page on Lincolnshire County Council's website.