Information on Business Rates

Unpaid business rates

If business rates instalments are not paid on time, we will commence the recovery of any outstanding amounts; the recovery process is as follows:

Reminders/Final notices

If you miss an instalment you will receive a reminder notice giving you seven days to bring your payments up to date.

If you bring your account up to date within the seven days, no further action will be taken.

If you receive two reminders within one financial year and pay them within the seven days, then miss a further (third) instalment, you will lose the right to pay by instalments and a final notice will be issued, requesting the whole of the remaining balance outstanding is paid in full within seven days.

Failure to bring your account up to date after receiving a reminder or final notice will mean you have lost the right to pay by instalments and a summons will be issued with cost.

If your account has been closed and the final balance has not been paid on time, you will receive a final notice. This requires the outstanding balance to be paid in full within seven days.

Complaints list

Shortly after the reminder notice is issued, the complaints list is run with a list of all overdue payments and is sent to the Magistrates Court.


If payment is still not received, a summons will be sent to each customer with an outstanding balance from the reminder. If you are having difficulties paying your bill, please contact us before it gets to this stage. When each account reaches this stage, £60 court costs will be added to the account.

Court hearing

When the account reaches the court date, the customer is not required to attend unless they are disputing their liability for the account. We recommend that you contact us before the court date to discuss your summons.

Liability order

After the magistrates court has issued the liability order, a further £25 court fees will be added to your debt and your account may be sent directly to the Council’s enforcement agent/bailiff for enforcement. The enforcement agent/bailiff has the power to uplift goods, and you will incur further costs. We strongly recommend that you make an arrangement with the Council before your account reaches this stage.

The liability order also gives the Council power to apply for bankruptcy/liquidation or committal to prison if the balance remains unpaid.

Enforcement Agents payments

If you would like to make a payment direct please visit  or

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Business Rates Bills Explanatory Notes 2024 - 2025

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