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What happens with the BID levy?

A bill is sent to all customers within the Business Improvement District Levy. This bill is for the share of the costs of the operation of a Business Improvement District in Lincoln from 1st July until 30th June the following year. The money is collected by ourselves and passed to the Lincoln Business Improvement Group to deliver a range of initiatives to improve the city centre. 

These include:

  • Security service
  • Warden
  • Increased police presence
  • Street management
  • Evening economy management
  • In Bloom projects
  • Business support services
  • Marketing
  • Events and lobbying and representation in association with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Full details of the plan can be found on the Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG) website.

Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG)

Tel: 01522 545233

Fax: 01522 545833

Email: info@lincolnbig.co.uk

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