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Book a room at City Hall, The Terrace or Greetwell Place

Rooms and Workspaces are available for external hire at City Hall, The Terrace and Greetwell Place.

City Hall

All rooms have WiFi, smart TVs, HDMI sockets, hearing loop and drink facilities

Rooms available to book:

Committee Room 1: maximum 20 people

Committee Room 2: maximum 20 people

Committee 3: maximum 12 people

Committee Room 1 and 2 can be booked together and make one large room.

Pricing will be determined on whether you are a charity, organisation or company and pricing can be found on the booking form.


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and water is available at £3.30 per delegate per half day

The Terrace

Rooms available to book:  All rooms include WiFi and a projector

The Board Room:  maximum of 12 people


£14.70 per hour or £84 per day, this doesn't include VAT.

Please note there are no drinking facilities in this room but there is a café upon entrance into The Terrace you can purchase food/drinks from.

Greetwell Place

Rooms available to book:  Only the large and small conference rooms have WiFi

The Large Conference Room:  maximum of 14 people

The Small Conference Room: maximum of 8 people

Room 23: maximum of 14 people

Room 35: maximum of 12 people


The Large Conference room, Room 23 and Room 35 are charged at £22.80+VAT per hour or £68.60+VAT per day.

The Small Conference room is charged at £11.40+VAT per hour or £45.70+VAT per day.


Drinks available at Greetwell Place:

Large flask of coffee (serves 11) - £4.00 plus VAT

Small flask of tea (serves 6) - £2.90 plus VAT

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