City of Lincoln Council

Online Contact Forms

We use online contact forms to provide a better customer experience. However, if you cannot find the information you need on our website, please go to our City Hall page for further contact options. 

Get in touch with

  • Allotments
    Allotment repairs, payments and general enquiries

  • Animal Warden
    Animal rights, animal welfare, stray dogs and animal control

  • Anti Social Behaviour Team
    Report or comment on any public behaviour that effects your quality of life in a negative way
  • Bereavement Services
    Information or advice on arranging a funeral, including cemeteries, fees and charges

  • Business Services
    Information on business rates, reliefs, appeals and refunds

  • Civic Party
    Civic award information, book Civic party events and nominations for Mayoral medals

  • Council Tax
    Enquiries and payments

  • Electoral
    Elections, right to vote, election notices and polling stations

  • Freedom of Information
    You can use this service to make a freedom of information (FOI) request to the City of Lincoln Council    

  • Licensing
    Premises licences, taxi licences and business licence applications

  • Parking
    Car park information, permits, season tickets, scratch cards, parking fines and general enquiries

  • Planning and Building Control
    Community infrastructure, planning applications, street numbering, houses in multiple occupation, demolition and general enquiries

  • Private Housing
    Enquiries for tenants or Landlords

  • Customer Services
    Contact our Customer Services team for any other enquiry