If you have received a letter or visit from an enforcement agent or bailiff

Letters and home visits

The first contact an enforcement agent will make with you is by letter. To avoid further charges it is important you make contact with the agent now. Failure to contact the agent will result in a visit to your home.

Visit to your home  

If you have not responded to the letter sent by the enforcement agent they will then visit your home. They may then arrange a way of payment with you. The first time an enforcement agent visits your home there is a fee of £235.00 added to your debt, this is called an enforcement fee.

If goods are removed to cover the cost of the debt, there is a sale fee of £110.00. A further fee of 7.5 per cent on all debts is applied if your debt is more than £1,500. These fees are charged for transporting goods to the place of sale. These fees may be applied even if the goods are not physically removed so long as there is evidence of steps taken by the enforcement agent for this arrangement - for example a tow truck has been ordered or invoiced to remove the goods.

The charges involved are set out in legislation and are considerable. It is advisable to avoid matters reaching this stage.