Information on procurement

City of Lincoln Council is aware of the importance and impact its spending power can have on the local economy and its responsibility for ensuring that it is fair and transparent when undertaking any procurement activity.

As a result you can find a number of policies and guidance in this section to try and ensure that businesses are well informed,  understand what procurement means and the processes involved.

For further information and more detailed advice regarding any aspect of procurement, contact Heather Carmichael, Client Procurement Officer on the contact details to the right of this page. 

Contracts register 

The Council has a duty to publish its contracts and these can be found by visiting  Once on the home page please click on Contracts Register and then using the drop down menu under Organisations select "City of Lincoln Council".

Procurement portal 

The Council uses an external procurement portal to undertake its procurement activity.  In order for suppliers to partake in a procurement exercise they need to be registered on the portal by visiting