LINDUM Group - Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter

Company address
Jubilee Place, Lindum Business Park, Station Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 3QX
Case Study
Tell us about your business?

We have been in business for 65 years (1956) and are proud to be a local family construction company which directly employs 600 people, in both skilled trade and professional roles, across our twelve trading divisions.
Our head office is in Lincoln, and we have further business parks in York and Peterborough.
Our mantra surrounds Teamworks meaning that our accomplishments reflect on each individual in the business that continue to make a difference. Teamworks is also visually on our offices, 25-feet high!

Why did you choose to sign up to the charter?

As a responsible contractor, we find that we can make our biggest difference in the City boundaries in terms of employment, community initiatives, school engagement, charitable causes and of course our sustainable construction activities.

Our focus is in line with those within the charter and it continues to be an important reminder of what a difference we can make to the City.

Have you noticed any positive changes since undertaking a range of socially responsible activities?

We can see a wide range of benefits for both our employees and our wider activities.
As a company we will continue to invest locally by developing the skills of our employees and opening doors for the younger generation by presenting the opportunities for them in construction.

Our employees have pride in making a positive difference to their communities and its great to have so many of our workforce having the confidence to put new ideas forward and volunteering their time to many local schemes.

Do you have any words for a business looking to sign up to the charter?

The charter is a useful, important tool which enables us as a local business to recognise how our activities benefit not only our employees but our communities.

As well as allowing us to continually improve our efforts it’s a great reminder to our clients on what we can achieve together.

As local businesses, together we can all continue to make Lincoln a great place to live and work.
Lindum group staff with school children