Bishop Grosseteste Students' Union - Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter

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Tell us about your business?

Bishop Grosseteste Students’ Union, situated on the beautiful campus at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. BGSU is a charity that seeks to represent and improve the student experience at BGU. Using the insight and ideas we gather from our members, we help to shape policy, transform services and run a wide range of events and campaigns across campus.

Why did you choose to sign up to the charter?

As a local stakeholder, the things we do and the decisions we make can have wide ranging effects on the local community. Signing the charter helps shape our vision and goals and makes sure that the work we do is having a positive effect on our students and the local community. Whilst we already undertake a wide range of Corporate Social Responsibility activities in line with our charity goals, it’s always important to make sure that the things we do are in line with what the local community actually wants!

Have you noticed any positive changes since undertaking a range of socially responsible activities?

Students have often struggled to have a good view in the eye of the general public, and that is at times due to the fact that the two don’t always integrate and socialise with each other. We find that undertaking socially responsible activities helps break that stigma and brings the community together, showing just how capable and amazing our students can be and how much of a positive difference they can make!

Do you have any words for a business looking to sign up to the charter?

We would say go for it – working with the local community to make a difference is a hugely rewarding experience that can provide your employees with life experience and boost morale.
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