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3 Ashworth Close, Lincoln, LN6 7HN
Case Study
Tell us about your business?

I started Lincolnshire Marketing when I took the leap from employment to running my own business. At the time I was also running another business called The Business Ninja. Another site to help SME business owners to grow their business through free advice and guidance. Being a Lincoln based business I wanted a name that represented that and as such I started Lincolnshire Marketing.

Since launching my business I have been fully booked with clients and am going to expand my business to offer both employment and opportunities to up and coming marketeers.

I always make time to help other businesses and business owners on the basis that if I can help them to grow now, they will remember that in the future when they’re thriving. I don’t charge for advice and have helped a number of local businesses. I will always try to have one ongoing project on at all times giving back to local businesses.

Why did you choose to sign up to the charter?

Corporate and Social Responsibility is super important to me. I see the value of this as a marketeer but I also believe that in joining the charter, it will enable me to learn from other businesses and to see what else I might be able to do to help Lincolnshire based businesses.

Have you noticed any positive changes since undertaking a range of socially responsible activities?

My website traffic is increasing, I am getting more traffic from word of mouth, I’ve received more business reviews and my brand is growing. For me, it’s about see where I can help others.

Do you have any words for a business looking to sign up to the charter?

Corporate and Social Responsibility work is vital and being able to sign up to a charter like this can only benefit a business and the employees within it.
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