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27 Main Street, Scothern, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN2 2UJ
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Tell us about your business?

We are an experienced multi-award-winning specialist agency, passionate about providing digital marketing, HubSpot CRM implementation, and growth consultancy services to the education and non-profit sectors. We specialise in implementing inbound marketing methods to recruit students and supporters. We are also a Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner, specialising in the HubSpot CRM platform, putting us in the top 3% of partners globally. We have clients around the world and are growing rapidly. At HubGem, we believe in empowering the people we work with by up-skilling and enabling growth. We love helping our clients by simplifying the complex and giving them the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

Since launching the business in 2019 we have grown from our CEO as a solo consultant to a team of 14 – in less than 3 years. As the business enters into another exciting growth period, we look forward to the journey ahead of us.

Why did you choose to sign up to the charter?

We at HubGem are very proud to undertake socially responsible practices; we have a duty not only as a local employer but also on global scale for those we reach and serve. Not only do we wish to provide a great service for our clients, but also for our employees, community, economy and the environment around us. Sustainable business practices and wellbeing focuses are vital for a thriving society and we at HubGem are committed to giving back and upholding these values. We continue to invest in our sustainability and wellbeing initiatives, to benefit not only our employees but all of those around us.

Our CEO and many of our employees are from Lincolnshire originally, with many being Lincoln College and Lincoln University alumni. Lincolnshire has provided our team with great education, employment and community over the years helping to form HubGem as we are today. These opportunities have made us fortunate enough now as a company, to be in a position to give back to our employees, community and environment. We are honoured to be part of the charter which recognises socially responsible organisations who are making and huge impact in and around Lincolnshire, whilst encouraging others to follow in this vision.

Have you noticed any positive changes since undertaking a range of socially responsible activities?

Undertaking socially responsible practices has improved our company culture along with enabling us to attract strong talent and increase retention. As socially responsible activities align with our own company values, these practices have also increased the trust of our clients which has resulted in further advocacy for the work we do. The above has been achieved through socially responsible wellbeing activities and initiatives, collective teamwork and upholding our values throughout all of our work. At HubGem, we have a real focus on the culture and environment we provide for our team and clients, and this is something we strive to uphold and nurture as the company continues to grow.

We want every team member to have the opportunity to grow in a positive working culture that offers both personal & professional development, whilst promoting an inclusive and collaborative working environment for all. We understand the importance of maintaining a positive work-life balance and care immensely for our employee wellbeing, this helps us to ensure that both our team and clients feel fully supported and most importantly - happy!

As we enter into our 3rd year in business, we continue to grow at a rate that we could only have imagined. As our company grows, it is paramount to us that we never loose sight of our culture and wellness. As our company grows in size, it is our priority to ensure that our culture grows with it. We are really proud of our 5-star rating on Glassdoor which reflects our continued culture and wellbeing commitment to our employees and wider community.

Do you have any words for a business looking to sign up to the charter?

It is so important as a local business to always be mindful of the social responsibilities that you can uphold to make a positive impact to our employees, beloved community and further generations. I would encourage all businesses to sign up to the charter to demonstrate their long-term commitment to these values as we strive for a fully responsible society.
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