St Paul's Lane

Car park location
St Paul's Lane, Lincoln, LN1 3AL
Important information
Maximum stay 3 hours
Pay by Phone location
Disabled parking spaces
Parking Spaces
Motorcycle spaces
1 hour: £2.00
2 hours: £3.50
3 hours: £6.00
(Maximum stay 3 hours)
Evening charge: £4.50
Evening charge times
Apply from 6pm until 8am the following morning
Additional fees
Evening scratch card £25.00
Blue Badge Allowances
We offer the following parking concession:

Buy 1 hour get one hour free
Buy 2 hours get two hours free
Buy 3 hours get three hours free
Season tickets

Not available at this car park

Height restriction
Electric vehicle charging
Further information
54 of our 56 pay and display machines take credit/debit card payments.

All of our car park machines accept cash.

All of our car parks - except for Lincoln Central - operate a pay by phone service.

The pay and display machines rely on a mobile phone signal to process payments. If a payment fails it is not likely to be a fault with the machine. It may be due to lack of available signal at that time, if this happens you may wish to try to repeat your payment.