Streets Heaver Healthcare Computing - Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter

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The Point, Weaver Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QN
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Tell us about your business?

Streets Heaver is a well-established, family-run health tech company based in Lincoln.

For over 35 years, Streets Heaver has developed, tested and implemented our industry-leading Hospital Information System, Compucare, to health organisations of all sizes across the UK and beyond.

Our software is continuously developed in-house by a specialised team dedicated to enhancing and innovating the solution to meet the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry.

Over the years we’ve built up a strong company culture that supports our staff in their personal development and wellbeing. Now, with almost 70 employees based locally in and around Lincoln, we are proud to have a fantastic workforce that are fully immersed in our values as a company.

Why did you choose to sign up to the charter?

As part of our company culture, we actively encourage employees to be involved in the local community through charity work, volunteer days and personal development. Supporting our local community is extremely important to Streets Heaver and the LSRC resonates with our core values as a business.

The Charter provides a benchmark to work from in carrying out socially and ethically conscious activities.

Have you noticed any positive changes since undertaking a range of socially responsible activities?

We have seen a more a proactive approach to volunteering and increased engagement in our charity work amongst staff. Each year, Streets Heaver choose a ‘Charity of the Year’ to support through fundraising and we have continued to see so much enthusiasm in taking part that we’ve now formed a ‘charity team’ to further expand our efforts – with lots of activities still to come including; charity walks, food bank collections and litter picks.

Streets Heaver recently enrolled in a Mental Health & Productivity at Work Pilot study by Warwick University & MIND charity. We were pleased to see a huge interest in the study internally, which supports our ongoing promotion of the importance of mental health of wellbeing. This is a great step towards removing the stigma of mental health.

We’ve also seen a number of exciting innovations develop through our internal personal development programme. Employees have utilised their time to create new automation technology, upskill in areas of interest and even branch out into building their own tech courses for local young women.
In knowing we are part of the Lincoln Social Responsibility Charter, it has influenced decisions on using local and sustainable businesses for purchases such as staff thank you gifts and design work.

The recognition we have received as a result of activities also impacting our recruitment. We have seen a higher calibre of applicants who reflect an interest in our culture and values.

Do you have any words for a business looking to sign up to the charter?

By embracing your corporate social responsibility, you establish yourself as a company committed to going one step further by considering social and environmental factors. That is something respected by both employees and other businesses. In this current climate, it’s so important to set a good example and establish honest values in your workplace that look to a more sustainable and supportive future.
Streets Heaver staff photo.