Poisoning and infectious diseases

How to avoid food poisoning

  • always buy food produce from a reputable and trust worthy source

  • Follow the “use by” dates printed on the packaging of perishable foods

  • Make sure deep frozen food is hard and in a sealed pack. Mushy packs indicate inadequate freezing

  • Always place raw meat below cooked foods to prevent blood drip

  • Keep raw and cooked foods separate at all times

  • Always wash your hands regularly, particularly after visiting the toilet, after handling raw foods and after handling pets and animal

  • People suffering diarrhoea or any food poisoning infection should have their own towel and it is best not to prepare or handle food for others until you have recovered with no symptoms for 48 hours


Further advice

Contact our Food, Health and Safety Team for further information or to report a food safety issue you can use our online form, email environmental.health@lincoln.gov.uk or call 01522 873249.

Download the Health Protection Agency Infectious diseases advice sheet for more information on Campylobacter, Clostridium, Cryptosporidiosis, Diarrhoea and vomiting in schools, Dysentery, E. Coli 0157, Giardia, Legionnaires, Salmonella.