Scrap Metal Dealers Licence

The Act requires those persons and businesses involved in the buying or selling of scrap metal or motor salvage to be licensed by the local authority.

There are two licences depending on what business the dealer undertakes:

  • A site licence is required for businesses that take in scrap metal or vehicles and either store scrap metal for sale or future sale or process it.  A site manager is required to be named for each site.  The licensee is then permitted to operate from  the site as a scrap metal dealer, including transporting to and from the sites from any local authority area

  • A collector’s licence for those that have a business of collecting scrap, for example door to door or from business and then sell it on scrap or motor salvage yards.  A collector’s licence only authorises the licensee to operate as a mobile collector in the area of the issuing local authority. If a mobile collector operates within more than one local authority’s district, a licence will be required for each authority they operate in.

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