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Reporting fraud

Report housing benefit fraud 


Report tenancy fraud

Other fraud or malpractice affecting the council

Fraud costs the public sector a huge amount each year and it can have an impact on the resources available to share amongst our community. Whether you suspect our staff, councillors, partners, contractors or citizens, please don’t hesitate to report fraud.

Here are some of the fraud types we investigate:

  • Housing/tenancy fraud, for example, illegal subletting, false application for housing - this can be where someone has lied to obtain housing, sub-lets their council home or lives in a property they shouldn’t.
  • Council tax discount fraud, for example, this can be where someone claims a discount or exemption. For example someone who claims that they live alone and receives a 25% single person discount, but has other people living in the property.
  • Council tax support is a means tested benefit and is there to help people to pay their council tax. The amount of support someone may be entitled to is based on their income and household composition, so it is important that the correct circumstances are declared and, if anything changes, the council is notified.
  • Business rates fraud, for example companies may falsely claim empty property or charitable relief. They may also fail to notify us when premises are occupied or when operating a business from home or providing false company details.
  • Insurance fraud, for example. people who make false or exaggerated insurance claims against the council.
  • Contract/procurement fraud, for bribes and kickbacks, failure to deliver contract or standard, collusion, cartels and bid rigging.
  • Payments, for example payments to us involving fraudulent credit cards; money “laundering” – payments using proceeds of crime.
  • Bribery and corruption - our employees are not permitted to accept bribes. Bribing a council officer is a serious criminal offence. If you know of anyone at the council who has accepted a bribe or has asked for money to make a particular decision, please tell us about it.
  • Theft, abuse or misuse of Council assets and income, such as cash, materials, property, vehicles.
  • Computer fraud, for example attempts to “hack” the council or introduce a virus, theft of information, computer misuse.
  • Intentionally avoiding any council charges.
  • Making a false claim for any council service.
  • Bogus officials or people incorrectly claiming to be from the Council
  • Other illegal behaviour, fraudulent activity or malpractice by an employee, councillor, or representative of the Council.

To report fraud or malpractice

Telephone: 0800 0853716 (confidential hotline)

Email: whistleblowing@lincolnshire.gov.uk 

In writing:
Lincolnshire local authorities
PO Box 640

National Fraud Initiative

The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) is an exercise that matches electronic data within and between public and private sector bodies to prevent and detect fraud.

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