Council Housing - Apply to make changes to a council house

You can use this service to apply to make changes to your council home

Please review our Home Improvement Guidance for further information about what you will be required to ask permission for when making changes to your council home. Some of the changes might include:

  • Replacing kitchen units, doors, bathroom suites
  • Installing additional heating appliances, or electrical fittings
  • Erecting a garage, greenhouse, or shed
  • Carrying out any structural alteration to the property such as removing a wall 
  • Constructing hardstanding/caravan parking or erecting a carport 
  • Erecting a radio or television aerial or satellite dish 
  • Fencing and any other external decorations including landscaping

Please be aware that in some cases Planning or Building Control permission might be needed. You can check the Interactive Planning Portal for further information on this.

Please be aware that no permission will be given for hard flooring in above-ground flats.

Before you start

To use this service you will need:

  • Your council home address and postcode
  • Details of the work you intend on doing including any plans, materials, photographs, drawings, and contractor information to support your application
  • Start and finish dates
  • Confirmation from Planning or Building Control (if applicable) that the works have been accepted.
  • Confirmation from Lincolnshire County Council (if applicable) that the works have been accepted.

Please ensure you supply us with as much information as possible. We will be unable to give permission without full details of the planned changes and how they will affect the property. If you do not supply all the relevant information then your request may be denied or delayed.

Please note we aim to have a response to your application within 28 days however on some occasions this may be delayed.

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