Parking - Buy a season parking permit

You can use this service to buy a season parking permit in Lincoln

You can use this service to buy a season parking permit in the following council car parks:

Please be aware that:

  • We are not available for drop in services at City Hall
  • We encourage customers to apply for new permits or to renew permits online
  • All permits and scratch cards will be posted
  • We will not be issuing permits or scratch cards in person at City Hall

Before you start

To use this service you will need:

  • Your address details 
  • Your vehicle registration number
  • The name of the car park you would like a permit for
  • Debit or credit card

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Season ticket costs

Car Park Annual Cost Monthly Ticket  Pro rata May Pro rata June

Pro rata July

Pro rata August Pro rata September
Broadgate £985.50 £83.30 £903.38 £821.25 £739.13 £657 £574.88
Central Car Park £1261.70 + £10* £108.20 + £10* £1157.39 + £10* £1053.10  +£10* £948.77 +£10* £844.47 +£10* £740.16 +£10*
Lucy Tower Street £1251.70 £108.20 £1147.39 £1043.10 £938.77 £834.47 £730.16
Tentercroft Street £1251.70 £108.20 £1147.39 £1043.10 £938.77 £834.47 £730.16
The Lawn £985.50 £83.30 £903.38 £821.25 £739.13 £657 £574.88

* A£10 deposit will be taken for the Season Card. This is a one off charge when making our initial application. This is not payable when renewing a permit. Your deposit will be refunded when the Season Cardis returned.

Can I use my season ticket at another car park?

Please see the table below:

Car Park  Your season ticket can also be used at
Broadgate Chaplin Street and Langworthgate
Central Car Park  Only valid at Central Car Park
Lucy tower Street Chaplin Street, Langworthgate, Tentercroft street and Broadgate
Tentercroft Street Lucy Tower St, Chaplin St, Langworthgate and Broadgate
The Lawn Only valid at the Lawn

All season tickets are issued per calendar month and will be issued to start on the 1st day of the month specified.