Council Housing - Report a repair

You can use this service to report a non-emergency repair for your council home

Before you start

This service can only be used to request one repair at a time to a council property. 

If you own the property, please see our leaseholder contact details page

If you suspect you have a gas leak, you must report it immediately to the Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

You can also report a repair by calling us on 01522 873 333

When you book a non-emergency repair, you will be offered the next available date for a contractor working in your area. For further information, please see our scheduled repairs pages.


Please do not use this service to book a plastering repair


My repair is not an option in the list?

Please be aware this new form is still in beta testing. This means that some repair options are currently missing.

For example:

  • Chasing up repairs
  • Booked repairs
  • External work i.e., Fencing, Windows, Guttering
  • Plastering

If your issue or query isn't included in the list of available repairs, such as the examples given above, you can report it here.

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