Birchwood Nature Park

Birchwood Nature Park is located to the South West of Lincoln, on the north side of the Doddington Road (B1190) by the Doddington Road Roundabout. On the north and east boundaries is housing, to the west is Hospital and Skellingthorpe Moor Plantation. It was first proposed in the early 1990s as an area of informal open space close to the steadily expanding Birchwood housing estate. The project was completed in March 1996.

The park can be accessed from:

  • Doddington Road, opposite Damons Restaurant, LN6 3SE
  • Witchford Close, LN6 0SS
  • Elvington Road,  LN6 0SP
  • Greenock Way,  LN6 0FD

Park full of diverse flora and fauna

  • Features rough grassland, damp hollows and screening plantation woodland dominated by birch and willow
  • Has two summer meadows and a spring (wildflower) meadow
  • Has a small pond area with several footpaths, of which some have recently been improved
  • Is home to rare, endangered species such as glow-worms, skylarks, grasshoppers and slow-worms
  • Is home to rare species of plants including corn chamomile, heath rush, bee orchid, spotted orchid and twayblade orchid

Wooden sculptures add character to park

Birchwood Nature Park covers an area of approximately 4.5 hectares, making it one of the smaller green spaces within the City of Lincoln. However, Birchwood Nature Park differs from other open spaces in the city in that among its winding footpaths it contains a variety of wooden sculptures, ranging from the waving bear at the main entrance, to the dog at the corner of the summer meadow. These sculptures were created by local chainsaw sculptor, Mick Burns.

Reporting problems with the park

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