Brownfield land register

What is brownfield land?

Brownfield land is land that has been previously developed, for a site to be considered as previously developed land it must meet the definition found within Annex 2 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) . Land and buildings in agricultural/forestry use and residential gardens are not considered to be previously developed.

Brownfield land register

The Government requires that we publish a brownfield land register before 31st December 2017. This register is a list of sites that have been previously developed that are potentially suitable for housing-led development.

The register contains two parts:

  • Part 1 contains sites categorised as previously developed land which are considered by the Council to be suitable, available and achievable for housing-led development.
  • Part 2 includes select sites from Part 1 which we can grant ‘permission in principle’ (PiP) for housing-led development. A PiP establishes the fundamental principles of development of a site in terms of its use and the approximate number of homes that the site can reasonably accommodate. A PiP is similar in practice to an ‘outline’ planning permission however, planning permission is not granted until Technical Details Consent is applied for and approved.

What was the process for deciding the sites to be put onto the Brownfield Land Register?

The task comprised of a review of sites that have previously been identified through the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) which formed part of the evidence base in support of the recently adopted (April 2017) Central Lincolnshire Local Plan. A review of other suitable sites has also been undertaken which meet the Brownfield Land definition criteria. These criteria are defined as:     

  • Land has an area of at least 0.25 hectares or is capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings
  • Land that is suitable for residential development
  •  Land is available for residential development
  • Residential development of the land is achievable    

View the City of Lincoln Council’s Brownfield Site Register

Following assessment, 14 sites have been put forward for inclusion in Part 1 of the Brownfield Land Register in accordance with the Regulations. 

  • Sites included on Part 1 of the Register are available to view online.
  • You can also download Part 1 as a PDF or excel format.


Part 2 of the Brownfield Land Register

No sites are proposed for Part 2 of the Register at this stage.

National Guidance on Brownfield Land Register and Permission in Principle

Central Government has published the following guidance: