Conservation, archaeology and planning

Buildings at risk

Historic buildings are sometimes left vacant for long periods, leading to deterioration due to lack of maintenance. The council maintains a local buildings at risk register, to enable the condition of such buildings to be monitored and remedial action taken when necessary. The buildings at risk register is a valuable source of information which may be of considerable interest to individuals and businesses interested in historic building refurbishment schemes.

Buildings on the register

Number Name and Address
BAR003 Former Cemetary Chapels, Canwick Road Cemetary, Canwick Road
BAR018 Band Cottage, 16 Mill Road
BAR036 78-88 Newland, St James Terrace
BAR042 Footbridge over River Witham, Brayford Wharf East
BAR051 St Mary's Guildhall, North Range, High Street
BAR052 18 Silver Street, Lincoln Constitutional Club
BAR055 Franciscan Friary/Greyfriars Building, Broadgate
BAR056 Garden Temple, Temple Gardens
BAR057 Ruined Medieval Building, Temple Gardens
BAR058 Usher Art Gallery Garden Pavilion and Terrace Wall, Temple Gardens
BAR059 Telephone Kiosks, Lindum Road

Historic England also maintains a national register of buildings at risk. Currently there are two BARs in Lincoln - The Roman east gate, Eastgate, and Lincoln Cathedral.