After you apply for a premises licence/club premises certificate

After receipt of your application, a period of 28 days will commence allowing responsible authorities and interested parties to access and examine the proposal. If any of these parties object to any element of the proposal, they may make a representation within this 28 day period which may result in a hearing to determine the application (see below for more information on making a representation). The only way such a hearing may be dispensed is if both parties and the Licensing Committee agree that a hearing is not necessary. To avoid a hearing, it is important that all applicants liaise with the Licensing Team prior to submission of application. Once a hearing has been held, a decision will be made within a further 28 days. If there is no hearing required, the licence will be granted after the initial 28 day period.

The right to appeal

If either the applicant or the responsible authorities and interested parties are unhappy with the decision made, they have the right to appeal.

Making a representation

If you wish to make a representation we have provided several documents to download:

Interim Authority Notice

Following the death, incapacity or insolvency of the premises licence holder or in the case of a company holding the licence, the company being insolvent or dissolved, a person with an prescribed interest in the premises can apply for an interim authority to prevent the licence lapsing. 

To do this, you must complete the Interim Authority Form and return it to the Licensing Team within seven days by post.

Contact our Licensing Team

Contact Licensing

You may contact our Licensing team on the details below:

Address: City Hall
Beaumont Fee

Telephone: 01522 873564