St Mary’s Guildhall

St Mary’s Guildhall is an important building in the history of Lincoln

St Marys Guildhall, Lincoln
DP279015 © Historic England Archive

A grade I listed building and a Scheduled Monument. Formerly known as John o'Gaunt's Stables, the building dates back to 1157, and was once a major domestic building of the highest social status and possibly the town house of King Henry II.

If so, it would be the only survivor from the small group of the king's town houses which existed in several major towns.

It was used from 1251 to 1547 as the headquarters of the Great Guild of St Mary, Lincoln's most important guild (a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants) and began to be used as a maltings during this time. 

The building was remodelled in the early 17th century as a school. In the Western Range you can still see part of the Roman 3rd century Foss Way road incorporated in its foundations through a section of glass flooring. 

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Listing information -  ST MARY'S GUILDHALL, Non Civil Parish - 1388604 | Historic England

Securing Lincoln’s History for Future Generations

The City of Lincoln Council has secured funding to breathe new life into Lincoln High Street through The High Streets Heritage Action Zones (HSHAZ) programme. The government-funded High Streets Heritage Action Zone programme, which is being delivered by Historic England, aims to unlock the potential of high streets across England by restoring buildings, making improvements to public areas, and encouraging activities and events to breathe new life into high streets for future generations.

St Mary’s Guildhall has been awarded £245,459 of grant investment from Historic England via the High Street Heritage Action Zone scheme to bring the building back into structurally sound condition and bring the building into good working order.

The North Range and Norman House are important historic buildings which have a chequered history of use but have been in a poor condition for much of the latter part of the 20th Century, as such these buildings are at a tipping point in their history.

Results of initial structural surveys and condition reports conducted of St Marys Guildhall in January 2021 detailed a programme of structural works required, some needed as a matter of urgency, to ensure the structural stability and long-term good working order.

The investment is an opportunity to ensure the building is structurally secure and enhance the chances of future sustainable use for the building, ensuring this key part of Lincoln’s history survives – and thrives – well into the future.

Historic Images

Lincoln St Peter at gowts

Image: Lincoln St Peter at Gowts by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm 1784

Norman House St Mary Guildhall Lincoln

Image: Norman House by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm 17th Century

St Mary Guildhall Lincoln

Image: St Mary's Guildhall by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm 17th Century

St Marys Guildhall Lincoln

Image: St Mary's Guildhall 1840

Historic England Archive Photography

St Mary's Guildhall, Lincoln

DP279007 © Historic England Archive

St Marys Guildhall, Lincoln

DP279016 © Historic England Archive

St Mary's Guildhall, Lincoln

DP279022 © Historic England Archive

Inside St Mary's Guildhall

DP279025 © Historic England Archive


Vital Grant Investment Secures Guildhall's Future 

The Council is delighted to announce further funding has been secured funding via Historic England as part of its Regional Repair Grant programme. The award of £228,130 is in addition to the grant already allocated to the building as part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone programme and will be used to carry out a full re-roofing of the Norman House..

The increased grant amount is an opportunity to ensure the building is structurally secure and enhance the chances of future sustainable use for the building coming into place by 2024..

Booths Stonemasonry and Conservation has been appointed as Lead Contractor for the works to be delivered between April 2022 – Spring 2023..

Aspinall Verdi has been commissioned to produce a comprehensive feasibility and options appraisal of St Mary’s Guildhall to consider how to achieve a sustainable future for the building. The options appraisal and feasibility study will assess the most appropriate model for delivery with a strategy for raising funds to deliver the preferred scheme. The assessment will incorporate community consultation to ensure options are informed by the local community and responding where possible to local needs. The appraisal will robustly consider how to achieve a sustainable future for the building, taking into account the opportunities and constraints given the scheduled monument and grade I designations.

St Marys Guildhall new butressing

St Marys Guildhall, new buttressing provides structural support to northern range, September 2022

St Marys Guildhall roof under construction

St Marys Guildhall roof under construction, September 2022


St Marys guildhall roof construction works

St Marys Guildhall Roof construction, September 2022

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