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Housing Benefit payment dates

The following payment dates are for those who receive Housing Benefit. These are the 2019/20 payment dates for private and non-Council tenants.

These are the dates that payments are expected to be in your bank account. 

You can download this calendar and print it to help you budget. 

Benefit payment dates 2019_20

Benefit is usually paid on a regular fortnightly payment cycle in arrears for most claimants. These fortnightly payments are normally from the period ending the previous Sunday.  First payments and lump sum backpayments might be paid at other times outside the normal cycle.

Payments are generated by us up to five days before they are received by you. 

The payment cycle that applies to you is stated on your benefit decision notice letter. 

Tell us promptly, if something has changed that may affect your payments

Sometimes your Housing Benefit payments might be suspended, cancelled or cannot be made for unforeseen technical reasons, we always try to let you know if this happens.