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Lincoln Western Growth Corridor

The Lincoln Western Growth Corridor is located close to the city centre and represents an opportunity to create an attractive place for people to live and work.

Since the previous round of public consultation on the development we have been working with Lindum Group, which has purchased land on the site adjacent to our own, and who will be our delivery partner in bringing the development forward.

We have been compiling your feedback and working with partners to pull together the final documents which will form the planning application for the site. Given the complex nature of such an important development, it has been essential to ensure we are using the most up-to-date information available and have the full understanding of all stakeholders.

Before we finalise the planning application, we are now carrying out a further round of consultation in partnership with Lindum.

We will be consulting as the developer of the site and once the application is submitted to the local planning authority, there will be opportunity to respond to the relevant planning consultations.

The workshops listed at the foot of this page take place between 5 and 9 February and 2019, with the overall consultation running from 1 to 18 February 2019. 

The events will have a range of experts present who have been working on the proposals available to answer any questions you may have.

All stakeholders will be able to supply their formal comments once the planning application is submitted but, prior to this, the workshops are your opportunity to hear more about the plans and the updates which have been made, especially to our flood and traffic mitigation strategies.

While all of the workshops are open to everyone, given some of the detailed responses on two of the key topic areas we are also holding technical workshops on flood and transport for those who want to understand and go into the technical detail of those topics. Non-technical versions of the flood and transport workshops will take place on the same day.

All workshops are being held on a drop-in basis, there is no need to book.

What do you think now?

Some of the questions asked – and concerns voiced - most frequently during the previous consultation are listed below, together with brief explanations of any changes that have been made to the plans. It would be helpful to know your views on the information now provided and the changes that have been made. Please fill the form in here.


Planning policy context

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan was adopted on 24 April 2017, and provides planning policies for the growth and regeneration of Central Lincolnshire until 2036. Between the Central Lincolnshire authorities (City of Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey), a total of 36,960 new homes need to be delivered. As Lincoln is one of the largest settlements it will be required to deliver approximately two thirds of the total developments.

In addition to the new homes there will be new employment, commercial and leisure developments, schools, sports pitches and public open spaces 

You can find more in depth details regarding the Western Growth Corridor in Policy LP30 of the Local Plan, including how the site is to be developed and key objectives such as the creation of priority public transport routes and how the former tip will be mediated.