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Lincoln Western Growth Corridor

The City of Lincoln Council (Directorate of Major Development acting as applicant) can confirm that in conjunction with our development partners, Lindum Western Growth Community Ltd, we have submitted the planning application for the development of the Western Growth Corridor site. 

The proposal is for a Hybrid planning application for the sustainable urban extension of Lincoln on the site of the Western Growth Corridor to comprise:

  • In Outline - Housing development of up to 3,200 dwellings;
  • local centre comprising community, retail (A1 to A5), employment (B1) uses and parking;
  • a primary school; up to 8HA of land (including key infrastructure) for up to 40,000sq.m of B1 and B2 development;
  • up to 12ha of land (including key infrastructure) for sport, recreation and leisure (D2), a hotel (C3) food and drink outlets (A3 and A4) and a new community stadium for Lincoln City Football Club;
  • areas of formal and informal public openspace; a network of public footpaths and cycleways associated engineering works to inform development platform and drainage system;
  • new transport bridge link onto Beevor Street, and a new public footpath bridge onto Tritton Road
  • In Full - Details for means of access into the site from Skellingthorpe Road and Tritton Road.

The City Council as Local Planning Authority will now consider the planning application. The application reference is 2019/0294/RG3 and can be found on the City of Lincoln Council’s Planning Portal for public view and consultation.

Consultation responses must be made via the website or directly to the Development Management Team at developmentteam@lincoln.gov.uk.

It has come to our attention that since the initial consultation commenced the Planning section of our website has been intermittently out of service, which we understand has hindered the ability of some to access the details for Western Growth Corridor. We have done everything we can to ensure the website is as reliable as possible and now hope to have resolved this issue.

The statutory time frame for determining this application is 16 weeks although it could take significantly longer due to the amount of complex information included and the number of issues to consider. Ultimately the application will be decided by Planning Committee and this date will be published when known. All responses received will be fully considered and reported to planning committee up until the point at which the application is determined.

Planning policy context

The Central Lincolnshire Local Plan was adopted on 24 April 2017, and provides planning policies for the growth and regeneration of Central Lincolnshire until 2036. Between the Central Lincolnshire authorities (City of Lincoln, North Kesteven and West Lindsey), a total of 36,960 new homes need to be delivered. As Lincoln is one of the largest settlements it will be required to deliver approximately two thirds of the total developments.

In addition to the new homes there will be new employment, commercial and leisure developments, schools, sports pitches and public open spaces 

You can find more in depth details regarding the Western Growth Corridor in Policy LP30 of the Local Plan, including how the site is to be developed and key objectives such as the creation of priority public transport routes and how the former tip will be mediated.