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Western Growth Corridor - Q&A - Birchwood, 9th August 2017

Q) What thought has been placed for existing residents?

A) We have taking into accounts all those comments made from previous master plans and the concerns raised by the existing communities when considering the current master plan. The traffic solutions on the site and the opportunities that these provide will present advantages to existing residents in the area. The wider issues of the road and infrastructure external to the site are part of a much larger and wider infrastructure strategy.

Q) Why is the link road to the A46 not being put in place?

A) This will be reviewed after 1400 / 1600 homes have been built, which is expected to take between 12 & 14 years. This will consider the effect of this increase in traffic to the road infrastructure in this area. Currently the traffic modelling suggests that this direct link to the A46 is not needed.

Q) Road infrastructure in the area is getting worse. How will this development counteract this?

A) LCC have looked at the traffic issue in the area. However the wider issues are not for this development to solve. We have however worked closely with traffic modelling experts to map the best solutions. 

Q) Is there a transport strategy?

A) LCC highways department have a transport strategy currently place. At the Traffic and Transport Workshop this will be explained in greater detail, and it’s implications for this development and the wider area will be considered.

Q) Are there any plans to dual the A46?

A) The national government policy is that the level of traffic required to justify, in cost terms, the duelling of a road is not currently met by the amount of traffic on the A46.

Q) Could a tramway be placed on the existing railway network?

A) Separate to this planning application, we are putting together a strategy to look at how we can make Lincoln better connected. As part of this we will consider all possibilities, including public transport connections, cycle and walking routes and strategic road infrastructure.

Q) Will the CoLC improve the drains that reside on private land?

A) We have been working with the Internal Drainage Board to improve the existing drainage system. There will be some widening of the drains to improve their capacity and flow.

Q) Why was permission given for the housing by the railway crossing as this has increased traffic entering Skellingthorpe Road.

A) As we are the development side of the CoLC it is not for us to make comment on decisions taken by the planning authority within the CoLC.

Q) What proportion of the housing will fall within the provision of affordable ad social housing?

A) In line with planning regulations 20% of the housing will be affordable. In the area of land that the CoLC own we are looking at providing housing for younger people and considering how this housing provision would look. We are also concerned with providing adequate housing for elderly people as housing provision within the city for this demographic is particularly poor.

Q) What provision for care in the community, care homes and supported housing is there?

A) There is a significant gap within the city currently for this housing provision. CoLC are working on a number schemes. We are looking at a variety options within the site for provision for care homes and supported housing to cater for the growing demands within the city for this provision.

Q) What are the benefits to the existing community?

A) We will improve the junction on Skellingthorpe Road / Birchwood Avenue. A range of bus priority routes, cycling routes and walking connections with provide alternatives to driving for existing residents. We are also working closely with Stagecoach to ensure that a greater number of services are provided for the communities in this area.

Q) Where will construction traffic enter the site?

A) In this first 3-5 years the construction traffic will have to access the site from Birchwood Avenue / Skellingthorpe Road junction. However once the Tritton Road junction is completed then we will allow construction traffic to access the site from Tritton Road. We are also looking at alternatives currently.

Q) By how much will the catch water drain be widened?

A) It is difficult to put an exact figure on this as this will be different dependent upon the area of the site you are at.  

Q) Will traffic get worse prior to getting better?

A) Skellingthorpe Road, towards the city centre will see improvements. However, in the initial stages of the development the road leading to the A46 junction will likely get marginally worse.

Q) Why is the primary school placed where it is on the site? Would it not be safe to place it within the boundary of one of the proposed housing areas?

A) The school is situated close to employment zone within the site so as to develop closer connections with the services within the site. Our intention is to create a safe school environment. The detailing of this will come at a later stage of the prices. We are designing a range of measures into the link road to make it a safe environment.