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Western Growth Corridor - Q&A - Business Consultation 4 August 2017

Q) The Western boundary of the site is not being developed, why is this?

A) This area of the site is not needed for housing purposes. As such this will remain as agricultural land, and the expectation is that this will be farmed. The area around the Old Decoy is sensitive, both historically and ecological, so is being left separate to the development.

Q) Is the phasing plan part of the planning proposal being submitted on 31 October?

A) This will be in the design access statement.

Q) How much of the scheme is dependant upon external funding?

A) Money will be sought from both the public and private sector. We are working in partnership with our local private sector partners. We are also hoping to acquire funding from the Homes & Communities Agency to accelerate the development.

Q) What is the provision for better bus routes through the site?

A) We are looking at improving pubic transport links within the city, and making improvements on bus routes into the city centre. The aspiration is that the link road running through the site will offer a bus priority land leading into Beavor Street, thus ensuring a more direct route into the city from the development and the wider areas, such as Birchwood and Skellingthorpe.

Q) Is the health centre guaranteed?

 A) We are looking at developing an effective health offer in the commercial zone, close to the LSIP site as part of future proofing health provision within Lincoln. We are working with external partners to ensure that this can be delivered.

Q) Is there provision for schools?

A) There will be provision for a primary school, with allocation for 200 / 250 places. The Local Education Authority (LEA) states that there is not a requirement to provide provision for a secondary school on site.

Q) Is the proposal being submitted in October 2017 a detailed application, or an outline application?

A) We are submitting an outline planning application with detailed access points and junctions. If we are successful in attaining approval then we will be putting together detailed proposal for the initial stages of housing.

Q) Is there an aspiration for affordable housing?

A) As outlined in the planning regulations there will be a minimum of 20%. The CoLC are keen to explore opportunities at developing a greater number of housing types which cater more adequately for the needs within the city.

Q) Will there be maintenance arrangements for the large volume of green space allocated within the masterplan?

A) When the application is submitted we will determine the maintenance arrangements of the site. Certain areas of the green space are still intended to be farmed. One of the objectives of the project is to limit public access to the Swanpool area to allow wildlife to flourish. As such some will be allowed to develop more naturally. However closer to the zonal boundaries there will be areas of maintained green space.

Q) What faculties are built in for parking around the football stadium?

A) The intention surrounding the proposed football stadium is that when not being used for sporting purposes it would offer conference space and a leisure centre. Parking would be made available onsite. However it is situated close to bus connections, and within easy walking distance from the train station (1 mile), so offers the ability for people to access the site without the need of a car.

Q) What is the timescale? 

A) The submission of the planning application will be the 31 October 2017, and this it is expected will be determined in the summer of 2018. If we are successful in acquiring planning consent then the first part of the infrastructure will be begun at the end of 2018 / beginning of 2019. In total there is a 23 year phasing plan for the completion of the development.

Q) Is there provision for a care home on the site?

A) Within the CoLC’s element of ownership we are looking at a residential home on site as well as housing provision for elderly people.

Q) Are any of the details of the bridges and the physical connections in the public domain prior to the application being submitted?

A) These will be made available prior to the application being submitted. This is likely to be in September 2017 and will be submitted on the CoLC website.