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Western Growth Corridor - Q&A - Hartsholme Academy

Q&A - 27th July 2017 - Hartsholme Academy

Q) By how much will the land be raised on the site?

A) This is dependent upon the area of the site. The maximum raising of the land will be 1 metre.

Q) How will the increased number of cars affect the existing infrastructure?

A) The development has been modelled to improve the transport infrastructure of the wider area by there being two access points into the city from the link road passing through the site. All of the modelling undertaken suggests that this will dramatically reduce the current stresses on Skellingthorpe Road.

Q) Why isn’t the link road within the site connected directly to the A46 as this will discourage people from using Skellingthorpe Road to enter the site?

A) This development only needs to cater for the traffic generated within the development itself, according to the planning guidelines. However through this development we wish to find solutions to the wider traffic issues in the area. After 12 / 14 years the effects of the development to date on the infrastructure surrounding the site will be evaluated and it will be determined whether this link road needs to be added.

Q) When it rains heavily in this area the water flow can cause further flooding risks within the area. What is being done to remedy this?

A) A large amount of modelling has been carried out to consider the mitigation of flooding risks in the area. As part of this development we intend to address the existing flood risks to the outlining areas. We are intending to carry out improvements to the existing drains and the Boultham catch water to increase the capacity and flow of these two drains.

Q) Where will the existing wildlife be moved to?

A) The intention is that we will expand and fence off the Swanpool area of the site for the existing wildlife and ecology. This would offer a large area within the site for the existing wildlife and ecology to flourish, separate from the wider built up areas.  Working with ecology experts, this has been suggested as the most appropriate way to protect the local wildlife and ecology.

Q) There doesn’t appear to be secondary school provision?

A) When considering the development we contacted the Local Education Authority to consult on their specific requirements for school provision for the site. As such the LEA deemed it necessary that we allocate a specific area within the site for a primary school with the provision for 200-250 places. We are required to give a contributory figure to the development of this school, furthermore we are expected to give a contribution to the LEA for any improvements to the school sin the wider area. At the Traffic & Travel workshop the specific modelling that has looked in to this will be presented.

Q) Where will the water be held?

A) The capacity of the holding area of the internal drainage system has been increased on the site as well as externally. There is also increased drainage provision within the site which will ensure that the drainage systems flow at a greater and more efficient rate. At the Flooding and Environment workshop somebody will discuss this in greater detail.

Q) Which end of the link road do you intend to start work on first?

A) The first section of the infrastructure to be built will be at the Skellingthorpe Road / Birchwood Avenue junction. This will enable us to begin the process of linking the link road on the site with Tritton Road.

Q) How will the construction traffic enter the site?

A) We are currently in discussions to look into the possibility of creating a link road directly from the Skellingthorpe roundabout to allow construction traffic to enter the site directly.

Q) Is the local commercial zone and school planned?

A) Yes, we seek to create opportunities for people by having the school located close to the local employment and commercial area. This will encourage a greater integration between commercial opportunities and the services within the site, encouraging a more sustainable relationship with where people live, work and the services they use. We also intend to design traffic calming measures into the infrastructure of the roads in the immediate area to create a more human scale within this community hub.

Q) Where will parking for the football stadium be placed?

A) There will be adequate parking provision within close vicinity to the proposed football stadium.

Q) How will football fans get to the proposed stadium?

A) The stadium is well located for local fans to walk or cycle to the stadium. It is also within a mile of the train station so offers opportunities for away fans to commute by train. We are currently looking at how vehicular traffic will come to this area.

Q) Where is all of the soil for the land raising going to come from?

A) A third of all the soil needed to raise the land will come from the remediation work being carried out to improve the water levels. The other soil needed will come from off site. 

Q) Have Network Rail given permission to build the bridges?

A) We have an agreement in principle with Network Rail to carry out these works. They are also supportive of the Local Plan.

Q) What is the fall back plan if the bridges aren’t able to be built?

A) This would jeopardise the whole extent of the development.

Q) How will this development affect house insurances in the outlining area?

A) We have been working from the outset with the Association of British Insurers to ensure that the work that we would carry out will enable all new housing to be adequately insured, as well as ensure that existing homes will continue to be insurable. The Association of British Insurers are happy with the work that we are looking at carrying out and have said that the flood mitigation works would reduce the likelihood of flooding in the surrounding area.

Q) How will the development look aesthetically if a large number of developers build out a range of houses and housing types?

A) We intend to put together a development bible as we will be seeking to attract a wide range of developers. We wish to raise the standard of the housing in this development and create an environment which has links with the architectural vernacular of Lincoln.

Q) Will the new houses have planning restrictions paced on them?

A) This would be unusual as these would be new homes, and it is not ordinary for new homes to have planning restrictions placed on them in the instances of them being built. However we will look into this possibility.

Q) Residents on the Swanpool Estate have grave concerns regarding the proposed access point from Hartsholme Drive into the new development. Will these concerns be listened to?

A) We are undertaking a period of consultation which ends on the 18 September 2017. As such it is not possible to give a confirmed answer either way as to whether this access route will be removed. However if we continue to receive the same responses and comments on this access point as we have to date, then we would be minded to listen to the concerns of residents over this access point.