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Western Growth Corridor - Q&A - Moorland Centre

Q&A - 3rd August 2017– Moorland Centre

Q) Will there be provision for a secondary school on site?

A) The Local Plan Process looked at the impact on the schools in the local area due to the allocation of this site for development. From this the Local Education Authority (LEA) informed us, as the development side of the CoLC that the development does not require the addition of a secondary school.

Q) Is a primary school with 250 places adequate in size?

A) The Local Education Authority has requested of the development to develop space for a primary school with this number of places. It is the LEA’s view, through their demographic modelling that this number would fulfil the needs of the development.

Q) How is the road infrastructure planned within the phasing plan?

A) Our intention is that we should start with the junction at Birchwood Avenue / Skellingthorpe Road and the access point to Tritton Road. The road is intended to be completed within the first three years. 250 homes are expected to be built prior to the completion of the link road.

Q) Are further access routes from Skellingthorpe Road to the development planned?

A) We are currently consulting on the access route from Hartsholme Drive. However, if the views expressed to date continue then we would be minded to not include this link in the final masterplan.

Q) What will be done to improve the link from the A46 to the Skellingthorpe Road / Birchwood Avenue?

A) There is currently a scheme being proposed to improve the A46 junction from the Skellingthorpe side. This is being funded from the development of housing in Skellingthorpe. If this development doesn’t progress any further then there will be a contribution from the WGC development. The link road from the development to the A46 junction could be re-considered once 1600 houses have been built. This would be in roughly 12 / 14 years.

Q) Will there be a DR's surgery?

A) There will be a health centre based at the leisure / commercial zone within the development. We are looking to link the health centre with the leisure facilities, with the intention of offering a holistic view on health going forward. We would welcome people’s views on whether they feel that there should be on site GP surgeries.

Q) How is the development being funded?

A) Everything will have to paid for by the development. However we are also looking at gaining funding from the Homes & Communities Agency. We are also looking at selling areas of the development to other local developers to build housing. A funding package is currently being put in place.

Q) How much affordable housing / social housing will be provided on this development?

A) We would look to ensure that at least 20% of the development catered for affordable housing.

Q) How high will the land be raised on site?

A) The platform height ranges dependent upon where you are on site. The highest it will be raised will be around 1 metre. A third of the land raising material will be sourced on site and the rest will be brought to the site.

Q) What assurances can be given to existing home owners that their homes will not be flooded?

A) As part of our flood mitigation strategy we are make improvements to the existing internal draining within the city, as well as widening the Boultham Catch water drain to increase its flowing capabilities and its capacity. We have also been working closely with the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to ensure that all the homes developed over the course of the development are insurable. The Association of British Insures have recommended that all homes developed on site will be insurable. We have also been informed the Association of British Insurers believe that the flooding mitigation’s we intend to carry out will reduced flooding risks in the wider area.