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Western Growth Corridor - Q&A - Skellingthorpe

Q) Is there an intention to signalise the roundabout on the A46?

A) The City of Lincoln Council are currently trying to attain a highway’s strategy plan from Lincolnshire County Council. We are not aware that Lincolnshire County Council are considering signalising this roundabout. Lincolnshire County Council are looking at potential improvements to this junction, however the detail of these improvements are yet to be confirmed. Ii improvements are not made then the development may look toward making improvements to this roundabout.

Q) Are there plans to have cycle routes connecting Skellingthorpe to Lincoln city centre?

A) As part of the development the intention is to connect Hartsholme Park with the green corridor on the Western Growth Corridor via cycle routes. We are currently looking at alternative cycle routes connecting the city centre with the development and the outlining communities.

Q) Are there any proposed bus route improvements from Skellingthorpe to the city centre?

A) Discussions are currently underway to look at improvements in services into the city centre. Stagecoach (bus provider) are looking at making improvements to evening services alongside the further improvements to existing services. The Lincoln Transport Hub will lead to Stagecoach increasing provision from Skellingthorpe to the city centre.

Q) Why can’t the scheme be developed in a shorter period of time? 

A) The remediation work and infrastructure is timely. Due to the number of external partners involved in these works it is likely to take longer than it would ordinarily take if these works were not needed. There are also a range of constraints, including the drainage of the site and the raising of land, which mean that the phasing plan is likely to be 23 years. We are however looking at ways that we can accelerate the building process, however it is important to note that even in this instance the time to develop the site would be at best 15 years.

Q) How long are you allowing for the land around the old tip once remediated to settle?

A) Varies dependant upon a range of factors.

Q) How long are you allowing for the raised land to settle?

A) 18 months / 3 years.

Q) Is there provision for additional schooling?

A) There will be a primary school with allocation for 200 / 250 students. The Local Education Authority (LEA) have viewed this as being enough extra provision to cater for the development. The LEA have also stated that the local secondary school would be able to cater for the expected numbers of children moving into the development over the next 23 years.

Q) Will the health care centre be provided by the NHS?

A) This is not known for certain currently, however the health care centre will provide for a whole range of health facilities. As such it is likely that this will offer a variety of provisions, including both public and health care options. It is also hoped that this new health centre will be linked with the medical school that the City of Lincoln Council are currently working with the University of Lincoln to put together a successful bid to ensure that this is brought to Lincoln.