Vision 2025

Vision 2025 Strategic Plan

Vision 2025 Strategy Statements

The Vision 2025 Strategic Plan sets out what we want to achieve over the next five years and how we are going to achieve it.

This is the second phase of our long-term vision for Lincoln by 2030 and follows on from the success of Vision 2020.

The strategic priorities that support Vision 2025:

  • Let’s drive inclusive economic growth
  • Let’s reduce all kinds of inequality
  • Let’s deliver quality housing
  • Let’s enhance our remarkable place
  • Let’s address the challenge of climate change

These are underpinned by the One Council programme and reinforced by our core values, which govern our approach to everything we do.

One Council has been established from the "Professional, high performing service delivery” theme of Vision 2020.

One Council puts the customer at the heart of everything we do, understanding their needs, wants and preferences.

One Council also defines how we, as an organisation, will need to work in the future to meet these changing demands.

Our focus will be on creating a joined-up experience for customers where they feel they are talking to one council rather than multiple departments.

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To view our achievements from the first phase of our longer-term vision for the city, Vision 2020, please read our Celebrating Vision 2020 document.

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We always intended conducting a mid-term review of the Vision 2025, but as the effects of the pandemic have changed the immediate needs of our residents and our city, the decision was taken to bring this review forward a little. In February 2022, the Council approved a review of the priorities for the next three years of this plan as set out in the document below. There are no changes to either the Vision, the five priorities or the aspirations under each priority. However, the programmes have been reviewed to include more activity around residents heath.

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