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Changing places

We have two facilities in Lincoln for those that have additional needs for accessing changing facilities and accessible toilets.

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Bus Station changing place

Location: Lincoln Central Bus Station, Norman Street, Lincoln, LN5 7BS

How to access the changing place

Lincoln Central Bus Station includes a changing places facility. Regular users or their carers for this facility are required to register and pay a one off fee for an access card. This fee is currently £5.00. Replacements for lost cards will also cost £5.00. Once registered use of the changing places facility and the onsite disabled toilet is free of charge.

Ad hoc users will be granted access by request to a member of staff.  

Please note that access to this facility is restricted to those with additional needs. 

Boultham Park changing place

Location: Boultham Park Education Centre (part of Linkage College), Boultham Park Road, Lincoln, LN6 7SS

Opening times: Generally this is between 8.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 5pm at weekends.

The facility is available for the use of park visitors who are not able to use standard accessible toilets. 

It is available when either the college or the Boultham Park Café are open and when the Education Centre is in use by the local community.

How to access the changing place

During Linkage College term times, access is available by going to the Education Block reception. A member of the reception team will open the internal swipe doors and show you to the facility. You will be asked to sign in and out.  

When the college isn’t open, access is available through staff in the Boultham Park Café, who will escort you to the Education Centre. 

Go through the gates which are to the side of the Boultham Park Café (near the outside seating area). Follow the path straight forward, past the cycle racks on your right hand side. Go through the gap and the Education Centre is in front of you on the left – the door is half way along the building. 

If you can't find what you're looking for visit our contact us page for a number of options which may help.