Your allotment tenancy

Tenancy agreements

To start an allotment tenancy you will need to read, complete and sign a tenancy agreement. This a formal legal contract between you and the Council. It outlines what you must do to stay within the rules governing the use of the allotments. It also sets out how we will enforce conditions and what you can do when using the plot. 

Transferring plots to someone else

All plots are let by the City of Lincoln Council only - you cannot give your allotment to anyone else. Some sites have waiting lists so if a plot is no longer required, the council must offer any plots that become available to the people on the waiting list.

Joint tenancies

Due to the joint tenancy policy and processes being reviewed, joint tenancy requests are currently suspended. 

Once the review has been completed, this information will be updated.

Struggling to manage your plot

If the plot is getting too much to manage you should contact us. Depending on the size of the plot, we may be able to reduce the size of the plot.

For other life events such as ill health, bereavement or other problems you should contact us, especially if you will not be able to tend your allotment as normal. If you don't contact us you may end up in breach of your tenancy agreement and could risk losing the tenancy of the plot. 

If you are temporarily unable to cultivate the plot you can arrange for a friend/ family member to look after it while you are unable to garden. If you join an allotment association, they may be able to give you advice and maybe offer some help to you. 

We will allow reasonable time for these life events to be put right however we may still act to end your tenancy should the plot become full of weeds or seriously overgrown for an extended period of time.