The Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review / Community Trigger


The Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review (also known as the Community Trigger) allows victims of persistent anti-social behaviour (ASB) to request a formal review of their case, where the local threshold is met.

The threshold in Lincolnshire:

  • The victim has reported three separate, but related incidents (Qualifying Complaints, as detailed below) to either the district council, police, or registered housing provider within the preceding 6-months to the application and the ASB persists.


  • A senior manager (district council Community Safety Manager/Police Inspector) within the authority decides that a Community Trigger is necessary to safeguard a vulnerable victim of ASB.

An incident must be a ‘Qualifying Complaint’.  A Qualifying Complaint is an incident that has been reported to either the district council, police, or registered provider of housing within 30 days of it taking place. A single incident which is reported to more than one agency only constitutes as one Qualifying Complaint.

When considering a Community Trigger request, agencies must also have due regard for:

  • the persistence of the anti-social behaviour
  • the harm or potential harm caused by the anti-social behaviour
  • the adequacy of response to the anti-social behaviour

The ASB Case Review brings agencies (such as the police, district council and registered housing provider) together to take a joined up, problem solving approach to try to find a solution to the ongoing ASB.

The ASB Case Review does not replace an agency's own complaints procedure, which you should use if you are unhappy about the service received from an individual officer or agency.  The ASB Case Review will not address concerns about the service provided by the agencies involved in the case.

You still have the right to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman or Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) if you are unhappy about the service received from an individual officer or agency. 

Who can use the ASB Case Review?

A victim of ASB, or another person acting on behalf of the victim (with their consent), such as a carer or family member, Member of Parliament, local councillor or other professional. The victim may be an individual, a business or a community group.

Contact the PPASB Team

Address: Public Protection & Anti-Social Behaviour Team
City Hall
Beaumont Fee

Telephone: 01522 873378